Enter For a Chance to Win $1000 in Our Summer Potluck Photo Contest with California Ripe Olives!

Share your favorite olive dishes and be entered to win our Summer Potluck Photo Contest with California Ripe Olives! Each week from June 25th, 2018 to August 5th, 2018, we will be selecting two original photos that showcase green or black California Ripe Olives the best.

Weekly winners will get a $ 100 Visa Gift Card, and then a $ 1,000 Grand Prize Winner will be selected by Elise Bauer from the weekly winners. So post your photo (or photos!) to Instagram, tag it with #CalRipeOlivesContest, and follow @CalRipeOlives on Instagram to enter. Only culinary creations using California Ripe Olives are eligible to win (you know, those olives you used to put on your fingers as a kid? Those are the ones!)

About California Ripe Olives

The California Ripe Olive community is comprised of two canneries and about 700 family farmers, who raise olives on about 27,000 acres of orchards that crisscross the warm inland valleys of California. California produces more than 95 percent of the olives grown in the United States.

There are two main varieties of trees that produce California Ripe olives: Manzanillo and Sevillano. These different varieties produce different sizes of olives, giving consumers a choice ranging from small to super colossal. Many of the farms are multi-generational groves powered by hardworking farmers and their families. Visit CalOlive.org for more California Ripe Olive info and inspiration!

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