Country Green Beans with Ham and Potatoes

Country Green Beans with Ham and Potatoes – Green beans, slow stewed in a ham broth, with chunks of torn ham or tasso and potatoes, and served with a flavorful pot likker.

Country Green Beans with Ham and Potatoes

If I had to pick only one vegetable I could eat for the rest of my life, it'd sure be hard. While The Cajun's veggie list is very limited, I pretty much love them all. Just take a look at the cover of my cookbook and you'll see one of my favorite meals ever! Yep, I'm a veggie plate gal and I can make a meal out of just about any vegetable pairing. Well… actually that cover shot was my supper that day!

There is one exception. Brussel sprouts. I keep trying to love those in the interest of being a food blogger, but I just can't seem to get there. They're just, well… okay, and out of all of the ways to fix them, the creamed version were my favorite, and though I've tried them many ways, they just don't get my taste buds too excited!

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